Regional Planning in the Bay Area, the MPO—MTC

Bay Area Transit

The MTC’s priorities are out of line with the way people want to move/transport. In general, the SF Bay Area is really whacked on priorities, that’s why housing costs are so high and flora and fauna are given preeminence. The Bay Area is almost doomed without building more lanes.

Despite the efforts of ABAG and its compact development push, congestion and living condition will worsen.
More people need more more roads., and space. Duh! For San Jose, go south–Coyote Valley. It’s a shame that enviro-wackos are anti-human. The Bay Area has lost citizens–more positive domestic outflow. The pop. is growing due to births and immigration. Read more of this post

Transportation Policy in Bay Area

Public transit in the Bay Area is widespread, but for access, from homes, based upon %, and the distance to walk to a station, is limited. For destinations, it’s even more limited, because it’s unlikely that your place will be on the route. Transit use, as a portion of commuting [based on 2000 Census] is about 9% for the whole Bay Area, 31% for San Francisco and 4% for Santa Clara County.Yet the overall transportation budget has a large majority going towards trnaist, rather than roads. The MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) decides where all the money collected is to be spent, among the many agencies. Read more of this post