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Drive or walk? Carry crap?

Buying products (and services), are very important. Wide selection & competition are important. Being close is seen as great & offering many things, when in fact the offerings & benefits are minor. What’s the problem with big-boxes? Regardless, zoning doesn’t create. Businesses will construct when they think they will have consumers (for shopping, living, working, etc.). People are satisfied to shop at large stores (more selections, better prices, parking) and the free market lets other stores fold, if they can’t compete. Read more of this post

Transit Choices are more than Points A &, _ thru Z

Mobility is obviously needed to reach destinations. Star Trek transporter technology is not here & should be left on the fiction scrap heap. The dream of public transit, meeting all needs, for each person, is almost as far-fetched. The depiction at the right, shows absurdity, in driving a car. Yet people often claim that it’s too bad, that a car is needed for most residential places. One of the absurdities about that, is the fact that the area surroundings are known, before the choice is made, to make a home. How do you choose which transport method? Walking is only good for short distances, and that includes from transit stations, which is often neglected in promoting transit—the facts that wherever you need to go, needs to be near a station, preferably less than about 1,000’ (2-3 blocks), at times, up to double that, a little over 1/3 of a mile. Sure, cars are great, but mostly expensive. Why do people choose their mode? Read more of this post

Walkability is over-rated

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Walking to & from a station is not real goal. Origination at home, near destinations is.

Cars are great, but at the light you wait. People are out of shape, eating more than a grape. Transit is late, while congestion makes one irate. Would it be nice if destinations were real close? How realistic is that goal? One chooses the location of their home, and then seem to want to have more businesses locate near them. Sounds selfish and devoid of a realistic reality. How about finding a location with plenty of businesses?  Read more of this post

Zoning, a few aspects

Do you ever wonder why certain building types are here and there, and not in other places? Occasionally we hear of zoning, but what is involved? It’s more than a framework,  for a type of building. Zoning precedes some new building, based upon what is nearby and wanted. Older areas were built first, then zoning was created later. What is zoned? The activity inside? The inside of the walls? Mmm, asbestos.  Zoning has pros and cons. Did zoning kill Detroit? No, that was the unions and the Democratic  policy of anti-business and pro-redistribution. Does zoning  pick the restaurant menu? Did ethnicities choose their settlement areas (ie Chinatown), because of minority zoning? Does wet zoning make for lakes? Read more of this post