Farming in Rural; Living in Urban

Seal of Santa Clara County, California

Was an 'Ag' Valley, Delightful in Heart

As for farming in California, that’s not in jeopardy, at least from urbanization. Water is a different story. By the way, the people moving to the Central Valley are really competing with the farms for water. That’s not much of a future problem along the coasts, if changes are made. San Diego has already started desalination. More coastal cities can develop that, especially when combined with a power plant (nuclear). Desalination at its best price can cost between 3-4 times normal. That’s not too bad when the price is averaged out with other the other water sources, it would be a lot less. Example: 20% of water from the ocean, at triple pricing, results in costs only 40% higher (=3×20%+80%). That would be pricey for industry, but many people don’t want heavy manufacturing here, despite some resistance to China and other importers. Water-use heavy industry can go back to the Rust BeltRead more of this post