Constant pursuit of knowledge

People can be lazy & spend much time for entertainment purposes. Continual pursuit of knowledge can be rewarding. I like to expand my mind (not about drugs) – reading/learning often.

Many people are educated, yet eschew more/new information, often because it does not fit their world-view or narrative. Many people know things that are not true, and might have their beliefs based upon generalizations, propaganda, biases & such. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

We are now receiving more formal education for expertise in the field of aiding others gain knowledge – for those whom end up in libraries. Sure, other LIS fields can involve others gaining knowledge, as do many jobs, but few other jobs match my description – persons going to your place for books & stuff.

There are exceptions for the purpose of some library patrons going there for fiction books or other entertainment options. Sure, things can be learned, but those are dissimilar from pure knowledge.


Original Purpose of this blog

For any fellow LIS students whom have arrived here:

Here’s a little explanation about this blog – active 9-2010 to 12-2010.

I started taking classes in journalism & media. One class had a unit on blogs & part of the assignment was for a certain amount of posts during the semester. I decided to stay on the subject of urban issues. I planned ahead for the post topics, which can be noticed in that the titles are alphabetical (looksee again at the RSS).

I added other items (ie in banner links) in addition to the urban posts.

I chose urban issues because I had recently almost earned an MUP (masters in urban planning). I completed all of required course, plus 20%+ more. I did not complete a thesis, but that was not the problem. Due to bureaucracy, miscommunication & the star constellation at the time, my classes do not count. Long story.

So, in fall 2010, I was thinking about other degrees & blah, blah…

Building Views, a video

Cities can usually look fairly good. What goes on behind? Well, that’s not indicated here, but there are hints at real intention, the hidden agendas. Where will this behavior modification go? What’s behind it? Agenda 21, set up by the UN, mostly in the name of globalism, control, redistribution. This “method” or the people are  Watermelons–Green Outside, Red Inside. Many “faithful followers”, like an immoral religion, are really useful idiots, being duped.

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Road Construction is Over; Use What’s There

There is a such a big emphasis on transit, while neglecting roads, that it seems there will be no more lanes added or extended. How can we pay for more roads? How have new roads been handled before, until the building stopped?
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Sample Page For Formatting


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Ignorance of enemy is risky

Not written by me;   by Amil Imani 1-10-2006 But agreed upon.Æ♣

Provoke a much needed debate on the nature of a phenomenon called Islamic Terrorism. Most people in America assume that the phenomenon called Islamic Terrorism started after the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City . Actually, the world was in a deep coma about the nature of Islamic Terrorism before the events of September 11, 2001. In some cases, people still are in denial of Islamic Terrorism. However, this phenomenon did not start on or about September 11, 2001. This event was conceived and put into action 1400 years earlier on the hot sands of Arabia .  Read more of this post

Who did it ?

The guilt is on self to accuse other before truth comes out.
That money came from someplace.

Sarcastic Tests

Trying the system. Systematic trials.

Peerless pressure to conform by free force.

Good intentions

Does it matter if bad happens, if good was the goal?

To demonstrate, stick in your head a Democrat thumb tack & wish wonderful thoughts.

Voting for the best

Decide small


Decide who will offer you the most benefit.

Don’t concern yourself with ramifications, negatives or others.

Winning a disagreement

If you are in a protected class, claim prejudice.

If white &  non-aged, then claim an anti-zodiac bias.

To read more, listen to audio, in various odors.

Whadaya gonna do?

People pretend to make better, but make it worse.

Hit bottom before rloveution.

Elected rulers is an oxymoron.

Appearances can be deceiving. Hidden agendas.

Wasteful hedonistic time avoids knowledge.