Appetite for Destruction

Humans are not green, therefore, humans lose & green prevails.

The “worship” of green [currency] is the downfall, as perceived by losers & elite.

Development is bad? No growth?

San Jose, CA freeway interchange 280 and 87

Want nature, while in cities? Dingbat!

New development finances itself. Just last year, a developer wanted to build in the Evergreen Section of San Jose, and was going to supply $200 million for new infrastructure. The city denied it, wanting to save the land for industry. There is plenty of land for industry. Part of the want for the potential Coyote Valley development is for there to be businesses first. For that to be the case, where would people live? Residences and workplaces can be simultaneous developments. Either can lead or follow. It is actually hard for an individual to get both at the same time. For there to be jobs in a new area, people will commute there. For there to be housing in a new area, people will commute from there, to their existing jobs. People don’t always realize how economies tend towards equilibrium. Distortions do occur, many times with government intervention. There are many studies on that. People in power don’t read them or think that the source is biased. Those in power also have selfish motives for their property to increase in value. Read more of this post

Environmental Greenism, Redism, Stupidism

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

Just one. Your Kidding? Dumbass

People share a fundamental concern and appreciation for the beauty of our natural environment.  At what cost thought? All products come from the Earth. Sustainable Development’s populist ‘anti thesis’ was designed and delegated to left wing state collectivists. These collectivists rally rank and file liberals around the concepts of social justice and environmental protection. The “battle” between the left wing and the right wing moves society downward. The moves are left – right, step by step toward the new world order of Sustainable Development. Read more of this post

UGBs (Urban growth boundaries): Against Nature and Humanity

Illustrates a rightward shift in the demand curve.

Simple S&D econ, but avoided

Growth management is practiced by many cities, for many reasons. The benefits are illusory, and for the few that materialize, are for the existing residents. There are many negative outcomes. What influence, on other factors, does limiting growth, in the attempt to increase density? That lowers the vacancy rate, which pushes up prices, due to fewer choices and less competition.   Read more of this post