Original Purpose of this blog

For any fellow LIS students whom have arrived here:

Here’s a little explanation about this blog – active 9-2010 to 12-2010.

I started taking classes in journalism & media. One class had a unit on blogs & part of the assignment was for a certain amount of posts during the semester. I decided to stay on the subject of urban issues. I planned ahead for the post topics, which can be noticed in that the titles are alphabetical (looksee again at the RSS).

I added other items (ie in banner links) in addition to the urban posts.

I chose urban issues because I had recently almost earned an MUP (masters in urban planning). I completed all of required course, plus 20%+ more. I did not complete a thesis, but that was not the problem. Due to bureaucracy, miscommunication & the star constellation at the time, my classes do not count. Long story.

So, in fall 2010, I was thinking about other degrees & blah, blah…

About Randall
A contrarian, not for conflict, but because many decisions are made, without considering the full impact & consequences.

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