Constant pursuit of knowledge

People can be lazy & spend much time for entertainment purposes. Continual pursuit of knowledge can be rewarding. I like to expand my mind (not about drugs) – reading/learning often.

Many people are educated, yet eschew more/new information, often because it does not fit their world-view or narrative. Many people know things that are not true, and might have their beliefs based upon generalizations, propaganda, biases & such. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

We are now receiving more formal education for expertise in the field of aiding others gain knowledge – for those whom end up in libraries. Sure, other LIS fields can involve others gaining knowledge, as do many jobs, but few other jobs match my description – persons going to your place for books & stuff.

There are exceptions for the purpose of some library patrons going there for fiction books or other entertainment options. Sure, things can be learned, but those are dissimilar from pure knowledge.

About Randall
A contrarian, not for conflict, but because many decisions are made, without considering the full impact & consequences.

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