Property Rights

In the Middle of a Forest. This property is sh...

Who's Land? Use restrictions?

It’s kind funny that this aspect of open space discussion is minor. The real discussion is about municipalities “appropriating” private land as “public open space” by zoning (no build), for the purpose of viewing or for there not be development there. “[pro-freedom people] disparage attempts to bring more housing choice”. Wrong!!! Holy firkin crap! How can you believe such nonsense?
The statists ignore many property rights, set much land off limits to build, demand high density in many areas where larger lots are preferred. The statist are the one limiting freedom and choice. You are twisting into opposites. Slavery is freedom. One option is choice. Must take transit is choice. Crowdedness has open space.

Under growth restrictions & other political actions, I do feel like people’s Rights are being trespassed upon, as well as factions trying to forcefully run part of the economy:

You must continue to farm.

You must only have yellow grass & sparse trees on your hillside.

You should ride transit.

Your car trips should be inefficient

You cannot live past our arbitrary boundary.

If you want a house, pay 3 times the national median.

You should buy less of _______.

You should live in crowded conditions.

Walk or bike to many places.


About Randall
A contrarian, not for conflict, but because many decisions are made, without considering the full impact & consequences.

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