Sarcastic Tests

Trying the system. Systematic trials.

Peerless pressure to conform by free force.

Good intentions

Does it matter if bad happens, if good was the goal?

To demonstrate, stick in your head a Democrat thumb tack & wish wonderful thoughts.

Voting for the best

Decide small


Decide who will offer you the most benefit.

Don’t concern yourself with ramifications, negatives or others.

Winning a disagreement

If you are in a protected class, claim prejudice.

If white &  non-aged, then claim an anti-zodiac bias.

To read more, listen to audio, in various odors.

Whadaya gonna do?

People pretend to make better, but make it worse.

Hit bottom before rloveution.

Elected rulers is an oxymoron.

Appearances can be deceiving. Hidden agendas.

Wasteful hedonistic time avoids knowledge.